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May 17, 2017, 10:24 a.m. -  Brad_xyz

I'd really like to hear more on the pro's and con's of the 4 options compared ( Cushcore, Flat Tire Defender, Huck Norris and  Procore) In other words a comparison of weights, rider feel, pinch flat protection and protection from burping.  This does not have to be done shoot out style but more as a way of highlighting each option's strengths and weaknesses in one place. I've been running Procore over a year now and have generally been happy with it.  I have still managed to have two pinch flats in the rear in that time (in one instance the regular outer tire pinch flatted but I was able to limp home (mainly on the road) on the inner high pressure casing and in the other case I actually managed to somehow pinch flat or snake bite the inner high pressure tube only and did not even notice until I got home because the air was contained in the regular outer tire which somehow did not get a hole in it).  I have since taken to running the maximum pressure (85 psi) in the rear procore tube which does not do much for tire feel or progression but I have not pinch flatted again (I was running 70 to 75 psi previously).   I am definitely on the heavy end of the spectrum (at least 225 lbs riding weight) and love to just plow through stuff and have not dented or cracked a rim since going with Procore (I went though a couple rear rims the previous year). I am curious how these closed cell foam options would work for heavy riders such as myself.  Since the density of the foam is tuned for the "average" rider, I wonder if these tire inserts would provide enough support and protection for us "gravitationally enhanced" riders.

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