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May 15, 2017, 11:19 p.m. -  Tehllama42

Great point, and a question I'm curious about as well. I think the Hawk Hill beats the Precept 120 and edges out Precept 130 as a value proposition (with the 1x drivetrain, wheels/tires, and brakes - though the suspension might edge towards the KP 130). The Precept 150 - I'd be curious about that against the Min-Max-Marin, because the Hawk Hill, after being dragged through an upgrade catalog, would be the more expensive one, but hopefully have a better (longer, better actuated) dropper post, brakes, tires, and kinematic setup. They're an inch apart in travel, and to a degree intention, but those two bikes would be exactly where I'd point people looking to get into the sport. I think the Hawk Hill is intended as more of an all-around bike, while the Precept 150 definitely has that feel of being enough bike to let you embarrass well-heeled riders on descents and laugh all the way to the bar with how much less it costs... but I'd like to see that comparison and/or those two bikes be the type used as test mules for reasonably priced components. Either way - with two good bikes, both at reasonable price ranges - it's a good time to be a mountain biker.

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