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May 2, 2017, 2:59 p.m. -  andrewcashew

@LWK I've also got myself a Stache 7 that I'm currently loving (I added some quite worthy upgrades though... whoops). I got my hands on a set of Bontrager's Chupacabra tires in a 27.5" size, slapped them on some 27.5" wheels and mounted them into the Stache. I was not nearly as enamoured with this setup as I am with the 29+ style. Maybe I need a lower Axle to Crown height fork? Maybe I needed to make some other changes? I'm not entirely sure, but I can say that somehow the 29+ setup felt more playful than the 27.5+ setup I tried on the Stache.  Obviously, this doesn't quite apply to bikes like the Primer that have the ability to run 29" and 27.5+ wheels. Have heard good things about that from friends I know with Trek Fuel EX's that can run both.  Anyways. Those are my two cents on the 27.5+ debate SPECIFICALLY for the Stache. I've somehow managed to double post... I just wanted to reply to LWK. :(

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