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Aug. 24, 2016, 11:22 p.m. -  Ryan Smith

#!markdown In Whistler their trail association is called WORCA in Squamish Its SORCA i dont know about other places but you guys made a little mistake. I lived In Emerald Estates in 2002'ish and there was very little flow then either. But what It lacked in flow it make up for by being just outside my front door. The highlight back then in the FR days was a small gap off the water tower to the bank and the sections in your photos. I resisted the no-flow back then by heaping logs onto the flat drop landings, this gave me localized satisfaction but I was unable to bring any sustained flow or squeeze much satisfaction from my efforts . It was so un-inspiring I would ride my FR bike to A River Runs Through It, just to bring a smile to my stone cold mug. Eventually I discovered Gargamel, Thrill Me Drill Me, and my fav, Young Lust at least they had a nuance of "The Bro Flow" where I could get my huck on. I've never been there back to ride.

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