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March 18, 2017, 1:08 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Hi LWK, apologies for the delayed response. It is a bit hard to fully qualify because a huge factor in seat angles is personal preference. On a full suspension bike it is a given that as climbs get steeper the seat angle gets slacker (more sag rear / less sag front) but on a hardtail the variations in static geometry (climbing) are pretty minimal and if actually the sagged seat angle is - as Andy noted - steeper than static.  Where that leaves guys like Andy and myself who have fairly long femurs and a preference to not be right over the bottom bracket is that many of the new geometry frames have STAs that are steeper than our preference. Since the vast majority of good dropper posts have no or little offset this is not something that can be easily corrected.  A 70-degree STA is slack for sure. Do you ride clipless pedals or flats? Is your bar significantly lower than your saddle? These things definitely have a large effect as well.  I prefer my cleats quite rearward in my shoes which may affect my fit as well.

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