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March 16, 2017, 8:48 a.m. -  Michael McCallum

Gille, I ran 24-26psi in the rear tire with a tubeless setup prior to Cushcore.  I found that I would pinch flat or even tear a sidewall if I went any lower.  I weigh 175-180 lbs.  I lowered the pressure as a test and found that the cushcore provided much more support than without.  The ride is not harsh at all.  Very dead feeling with expect to vibration and strikes.   Lots of sidewall support.   Installing the system is tricky but once you figure it out (follow that video exactly) it isn't difficult.  But removing the tire is tough depending on your rim and how snug your bead is fixed to the rim.  You really need to follow the installation approach closely but in reverse.  Use a bucket or trash can and get some hefty tire irons or tools to push the bead down in the rim.  My bead was really fixed to the rim but once I broke it loose it was easy.

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