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March 15, 2017, 3:46 p.m. -  Michael McCallum

Ok I now have a couple rides on the cushcore but only in the rear wheel.  I need a longer valve stem for the front rim.  I started out at 18psi and worked my way down to 14psi.  I found 15-16 psi to be my sweet spot for now.  I can still make it swish a bit when in the saddle on a big G-out turn but it isn't an issue.  You just feel the squish.  No burp and definitely no rim strikes.  It's pretty surprising actually since you expect the tire to just come off the rim but here Cushcore really supports the sidewalks well.  Today I took it down a very rocky course with sharp edges and  lots of speed is carried on this trail.  The best description I can give is that it has a "dead" feel.  And that is a good think.  It just slams into stuff and doesn't blink.  No deflection.  No rim strikes.  And the tire held up well (ikon 2.3).  I feel it helps to know what people are riding when they comment.  I was on a Santa Cruz Hightower in the 29" version.

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