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March 14, 2017, 2:01 p.m. -  Henry Chinaski

I love the Uncle Dave contributions and as usual I think the content was on point.  However, I think you let Fildo off easy.  Dude sends you a note about how he has a great wife and smart kids.  Fildo suggests that he is very funny, a great employee, with a nice sense of humor.  I’m thinking to myself, this has to be sarcasm, right?  Then he cites his riding prowess <henryBuriesHead/>.  Fildo deserves a cast for the broken arm he suffered while patting himself on the back, but instead you’ve promptly rewarded him with a Loam Ranger jacket that is bound to be the envy of his riding group.  Uncle Dave nailed the following: > Life is challenges. Life is ugly. We need to embrace that ugliness. We need to get into the gutters and start seeing and showing the parts that people don’t want to see. As a point of clarification, I think the important verb here is showing.  Before recognizing imperfection in others, it’s probably more important to identify our own.  If you’re in a position where your envy of travel photographers is causing you to question your choices, another trip to the Chilcotins with an expensive camera (to fill your Instagram with beauties) is not going to solve your problem. Fildo, if you’re riding 3 days a week and still whooping everybody’s ass down the hill, why not drop a day and volunteer some time?

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