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Feb. 25, 2014, 11:41 a.m. -  hampstead_bandit

#!markdown another day, today yet another warranty claim on a production boxed bike with C1 brakes. Both brakes leaking from the screw-in fitting on the master cylinder hose. This is the 10th warranty claim I've done this winter already on this model of brake, all on brand new boxed bikes being built (pdi) for customers. All leaking in same place - seems like QC or manufacturing issue? Had similar problems some seasons back also on Formula brakes on boxed production bikes. Turnaround was lengthy and repaired or replaced brakes would fail on first ride. Had customers that had numerous brakes fail. Apparently a problem with an undersized "o" ring according to the factory. Here in the UK? Warranty support poor on Formula, typically a few weeks to get sorted, which does not work for a retailer stuck with a brand new bike suspension bike they cannot sell. Avid in contrast is very quick turnaround as SRAM don't f*ck about, most the time the brakes are replaced FOC which is generally a bonus for the customer as their OE brake gets upgraded to aftermarket brake (which often has carbon fibre lever blade or other goodies!)

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