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July 1, 2014, 1:18 p.m. -  Marcus

#!markdown I have seen quite a few people mention how they like their formula brakes, but have not specifically used the C1’s. Unfortunately there is a major flaw with these. I, like Pete in this thread, have had the same issues. But instead of 4 bleeds in 5 months, 4 in 1 month. I have owned my stumpy evo for one month and it has been to the bike shop 4 times to bleed the brakes, due to the lever reaching the handlebar only after 1-2 rides. Word is specialized is swapping these out under warranty with Shimanos. I am going to the bike shop today to request that they do this. It is sad that when you google ‘formula c1 brakes’ the second most popular website is one about issues with the brakes. I think Formula really made a bad mistake with these brakes and potentially just damaged a relationship with a very large manufacturer.

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