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Sept. 8, 2016, 12:37 a.m. -  tuskalooa

#!markdown a month ago pulled into the parking lot and found two guys fettling turns out one of them had lost a brake caliper bolt before their ride even started, couldn't help them really. They (don't ask) removed the headset bolt and used that. Anyhow I kept thinking to myself how do you forget to screw on your bolts after removing them. Fast forward one month later took my son out on his newly built bike by dad-himself and kept hearing a rattling sound lo and behold we are missing one M6 bolt on the front caliper.. we made do on the ride. But swore never to upset the mtb-karma-gods again and now carry a spare. Yeah as you say sod's law will always intervene on that one ride when you say naw don't need this bit and somewhere along you will need just that bit you chucked back in your spare/tool box. now thinking of carrying a spare gear cable.

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