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Sept. 7, 2016, 7:43 a.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown Also, in general: I thought this would be a possibly interesting flip on testing a chainring versus "here's a N/W ring, it holds the chain on good" but I also run a Renthal 1XR on my 1×9 gravel bike. I use the bike to pull my toddler all over the city in a trailer, in all weather conditions, on a bike with a 9-speed 11-34 cassette so there is a lot of cross chaining going on under big loads on steep climbs with two full growlers and a Kryptonite NY chain lock. I'm running a 10-spd chain. I also do ~ zero maintenance as its a 9spd friction system and cleaning road grime off a drivetrain is an unending battle. I've never dropped a chain even bouncing along fire roads, punching up curbs, or during the odd crash (which you'd expect given all the people riding off- road with no secondary retention). The ring is holding up amazingly well. Boringly, never think about it well. But that sort of fits with every N/W review.

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