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Aug. 4, 2015, 11:52 a.m. -  Amanda

#!markdown Most days, hauling my ass out of bed requires the mental equivalent of a crane and a bomb, along wit a verbal horsewhipping framed around how useless I am. And then I get to work and realize that most of the people I work with are similar, but different -- some of us think we're better, some of us are actually worse. Some of us are just honest and we openly identify as the incomplete, imperfect assholes we are. The point? Your answers are awesome, Uncle Dave, and dead spot on -- 1: no one is better than anyone else. 2: there are no 'better' jobs. There are jobs. Some of them suck but pay really well, others don't suck but don't pay shit and a few of them pay semi-okay and have killer benefits. There's always a trade off… in both the company you keep and the company you work for. 😉

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