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Oct. 7, 2015, 1:32 p.m. -  NatBrown

#!markdown I generally agree with what you`re saying Cam; too many unreasonable complaints about trails from people who have nothing close to a moral sense of ownership (trail building and maintenance). I`m just not so sure of your point about having a unified voice. If the people in a position of power (or their advisors) even take the time to read the message boards and comments sections, they surely do so with a somewhat realistic context- that it`s an uncensored sample of opinion, that typically does not accurately represent the population at large. The people in power deal with this sort of thing in everything they do. Fundamentally, I think that people should be free to express their opinions no matter how stupid they seem, and it`s great that you do that. I see that you`re trying to move some of the more extreme negative opinions to a place you (and I) see as being more reasonable, and I think that`s a great thing too. I guess ideally I`d just like to see these extreme negative opinions change because they see the value in having this kind of trail up on Seymour, rather than doing it to conform to some unified voice. (I understand you were trying to do both the former and the latter. Not trying to beat you up.) And of course too many people around here are spoiled. It damn near defines the place.

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