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Oct. 8, 2015, 8:36 a.m. -  Cam McRae

#!markdown I ran into a couple of guys on Crippler on Saturday and I almost scared them out of their skin. Great trail, and I've spent two hours shooting on it recently without encountering a soul. Indeed the tech is there - and it's being under-utilized. That said, the more groomed trails have been a great avenue for introducing kids and new riders to the Shore - and brining back riders who had left the sport. One day last week I only ran into riders in those categories. One guy who was riding seventh because he rides Expresso with his six year old boy - and that got him back in the sport. He had given up on riding Shore trails and had become a roadie. No Expresso and he'd still be training for fondos. It's possible to progress as a mountain biker on Fromme now - and that wasn't possible a few years ago. It wasn't long ago that seeing a rider under 35 on Fromme was rare. Now there are all sorts of young and new riders and I think it's amazing. And not because it affects the bottom line of this business - because it doesn't (70% of our traffic comes from outside Canada). New riders give us a voice, they bring energy and vitality - and their numbers give us pull with landowners and other stake holders. And it feels good to share. I used to be that grumpy guy who didn't want anyone new riding on Fromme. How selfish is that?

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