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Jan. 5, 2016, 8:05 a.m. -  Lucian Tabria

#!markdown Can't agree with you about this. I found your shame and lame offensive, let me be offended that yo disagree with a piece of boob. If you don't like a thing, don't buy it, it's simple A.F. . I would definitely appreciate a calendar like that, nothing as you talk about the similarities between an adolescent and man with hormonal needs, but with the fact that if instead of those girls, there would be athletes male and female mixed, I would like it either. You can't judge heterosexuality for it's heterosexual pleasing, like you stopped judging gay ( lesbianism included) for their gay needs. We leave in the era where almost everything is permitted, and we already passed a 2015 where everyone is offended of everything, so.. Stop being a bunch of jerks making an article like that, take your ride, ride happy and start smiling to life. Live and let others live aswell. Ty, good year!

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