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Jan. 6, 2016, 4:36 a.m. -  kain0m

#!markdown I remember one quote of a former work-colleague that sums up the issue at hand quite well: "He'd rather hang out with his girlfriend and have sex her with instead of going drinking with us. What a gay motherf***!". I think many companies try to appeal to this very vocal crowd. To me, it is quite the same as running a "like our facebook posting to win some shit" campaign - you get people gathered around in one place, expect them to listen to your message (which they won't) and then you wonder why it didn't work. People came for the free beer, the free "sex", the free stuff you can win. I'm just sorry for the poor individual who thinks that this a valid marketing strategy - while I am about the opposite of a feminist, I do think that objectifying women for the sake of selling does make the situation way, way worse for both sides. If we don't respect women, why should the respect us? P.S.: As an European, I found the way the typical waitress in a typical "edgy" bar in north america is dressed quite shocking. Stuff like that wouldn't work around here - actually, it'll get you into deep trouble. Again - you're selling a side amusement for the "wannabe alpha male" instead of an actual product.

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