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Jan. 6, 2016, 9:12 a.m. -  Amanda

#!markdown For the record, Maxxis sent an email yesterday (which I'm assuming many people received) saying that their UK Motorsport branding is, essentially, out of corporate control… Or something like that. The email also highlighted everything they've done for women on bikes and wished me happy holidays. My only question is this: if your company has gotten so big and so widely controlled that keeping in line with one branding strategy that doesn't dismiss, objectify or dumb-down entire segments of the market is difficult, maybe you should consider condensing the branches of the company or creating a 'code of conduct' under which all marketing has to fall. Maxxis blaming this on an outsider-controlled branch of their UK moto division is just poor excuse-making. The brand ultimately suffers. That's the end cost. We'll move on. We always do. But Maxxis tolerating (or perpetuating a culture inside their brand that tolerates) this sort of advert is just plain stupid. Get your ducks in a line. 'On brand' means as part of your brand. Figure out what it is and move on. But don't parcel it out and expect consumers to forgive or understand.

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