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Jan. 6, 2016, 3:40 p.m. -  Amanda

#!markdown Here's the thing: I'm not drawing the line. Nor should anyone else. It's not your line to draw unless you are the athlete in question. As a brand, yes, there are lines drawn -- those go something like "don't objectify your athlete" or "why are you objectifying an entire market segment?" and "let's not sell our sport through sexual marketing", or MAYBE even "sell your product for what it is and why it improves our industry or cycling". Those are pretty clean lines, I think. As for other lines? Those are up to the athlete's discretion. Let them choose their own brand. And if an athlete feels that the brand they built will outlast their sexual appeal, then more power to them. I'm pretty sure we can be trusted with our own careers. After all, we're adult humans. And if you feel that someone has a career in excess of their ability largely due to sexual appeal, maybe tell that to your buddies passing around those photos. We can only draw lines for ourselves, not anyone else. (Which was my response to a deleted comment here: < face.html>)

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