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Jan. 7, 2016, 10:03 a.m. -  reformed roadie

#!markdown I don't know if "Sexual Marketing" is the correct term, nor is it by default a fail. The calendar is an extreme and poor example. It has been proven via published experiments that humans are wired to trust attractive people more that unattractive people (all else being equal, in a controlled environment) -- regardless of the sex of either party. The whole idea of an endorsement is that you 'trust' the person who is trying to sell you. Do you trust a model in spandex's input RE: car tires? Of course not. But when it comes down to two accomplished athletes, trying to sell you a bike (or running shoes, or apparel ), the savvy marketer is going to go to opt for the one who is more physically attractive. Mountain biking is unique in that often the 'sexy' action shot has the rider with a helmet and googles, kinda taking that out of the equation.

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