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Sept. 7, 2016, 1:33 p.m. -  Vik Banerjee

#!markdown I live in Victoria and ride the usual suspects on the island. I pretty much use the low 4-5 gears on my cassette as it's steep up and steep down here. Not much opportunity to pedal on fast open trails. My old-skool 1x days were on a 36lbs SC Nomad [still my winter bike]. I used a 30 or 32 x 34T low gear with a 26″ x 2.4″ tire. I'm now running a 32 x 42T on that bike with the advent of the GC cogs for 10 speed cassettes. One of these years when I wear out the chain ring on that bike I'll probably put on a 30T ring so I can improve the chainline a bit. The one thing I do that I'm not sure a lot of riders do is keep a close eye on my chain wear and replace chains before they do a lot of damage to the drivetrain. That doesn't impact lateral wear from a poor chainline though.

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