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Sept. 6, 2016, 10:47 a.m. -  jdt

#!markdown Don't forget the all-important sex ratio for ads with scantily dressed women. There must always be at least one or two more female objects than male subjects in any such ad. The casual male viewer must immediately understand (even with rudimentary math skills), that there are enough female units to satisfy the needs of each male, plus a couple extra units in reserve. This ensures a "sure thing" for each man in attendance, and provides them with options for maximizing the distribution of their genetic materials. The ad itself embodies a satisfactory experience. The use of scantily clad women accentuates the trade show experience, as the escape from domestic quarters is suddenly furnished with (albeit fantastical) opportunities to find fornicating options outside of the trappings of marriage. It's all harmless though, surely totally harmless. Excite and titillate the travelling masses! Surely they will responsibly order some pay- per-view to satisfy their now coursing urges, and not seek out paid arrangements with a socio-economically disadvantaged female in the sex trade. Of course, none of this has anything to do with any degree of inequality in our society. Each issue is separate an in a vacuum! Sex in advertising has nothing to do with gender inequality, and anyone that complains is simply being too sensitive! We should take no offence at the commodification of female flesh as a ploy to elicit our purchases. Freedom of expression! The world is open and equal! Only buy what you want! Don't worry that we live in a world where female opportunities are structured by breast size and hip-to-waist ratios while male opportunities are structured more by technical skill. After all, I saw the way that Maxxis girl is smiling at me…she wants me to want her, and clearly she would not be doing this if she didn't want to. I mean, nobody kidnapped her and coerced her into that tight orange suit .So what if there is a world of subtle pressure pushing her to work options that will shrivel with her skin? My skills and technical expertise will persevere, and as I advance in my career, there will always be more shiny smooth young women available to fetch me alcohol, and stroke my ego-fantasy in just that right way. Dave- you deserve the prize yourself this week. Thoughtful stuff.

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