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Sept. 9, 2016, 12:19 p.m. -  jdt

#!markdown Luce - It's really hard to make sense of your ramblings. You have clearly missed the point of this article, along with most of the thread of conversation. I'll try to explain it in grunts clicks and whistles for you. Men and women are more than just sexual identities or objects, and have purposes beyond pleasing each other and selling goods. This is not simply a matter of what offends people, but a matter of understanding how endorsing or supporting certain products serves to perpetuate patterns of inequality, objectification, and exploitation. Not just in "some countries", but "here" as well. You seem really upset that this calendar and your love thereof is being questioned. It must really stir up some powerful feelings for you when your ideals of male and female are challenged. It seems to have completely short- circuited your ability to communicate with any degree of clarity. Why not spell it out, or make an actual point?

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