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Feb. 14, 2017, 5:23 p.m. -  Lucian Tabria

#!markdown Again, let me tell you one more time. Keep your bullshit for yourself. I, one in a million have the courage to not agree with you, Is that all right with your ego? I hope yes. You cannot speak covering with your ideas and personality for everyone in this world. Those girs where paid for their job, a job that they also love to do and have fun. If maxxis don't sell that calendar at 50$ a piece I guess they even don't have a profit from that after all the work hours payment. Please, and please again, if something won't fit for you, stay chill and leave as it is, otherwise you keep saying that the few other/s that have the courage to respond to your "ramblings". Objectification is your issue so deal with it if you have any problem, do not pretend everyone should listen to your bullshit and pass over. I rather have an opinion than being a moron and uneducated as you show yourself. Stay chill and let it go. Ty, and with this I'm closing this.

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