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Sept. 8, 2016, 2:20 p.m. -  muldman

#!markdown I carry a minimal first-aid kit: - A couple of LARGE bandaids (10cm x 10cm) - A couple tabs of Ibuprofen - A small roll of gauze - A bit of moleskin - Some antiseptic wipes and small packet of polysporin (there is a LOT of cow shit on the local trails this time of year…) - Gorilla tape (also part of the tool kit) This all packs up into a very small, very light package. The bandaids are the largest thing in there. Slings, etc. can be fashioned out of backpack straps and tubes when need be. Larger bandages can be fashioned out of jerseys, etc. (If you need something more than the basic kit, sacrificing some riding clothes will be the least of your worries!) I've used this more than once this year… The larger first aid kit stays in the vehicle, but this minimal kit gets you back to the trail head.

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