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Dec. 14, 2016, 1:29 p.m. -  Steve Mathews

#!markdown It's basically because tyres are the first and most effective part of your suspension - if they're at too high a pressure, they can really mess around with the rest of your setup, because it's very easy to chase your tail trying to solve harshness and grip issues by adjusting the suspension only to later find out your tyres were at 40psi and no amount of suspension was going to be able to compensate for that, at least not without severe compromise elsewhere. Tyre pressure should basically be set as low as you can go before you get noticeable tyre squirm when cornering, or start flatting more often than you're willing to tolerate. There isn't really any benefit to running it much higher than that unless maybe you're on a race course where rolling resistance is a big deal.

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