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Dec. 15, 2016, 12:27 p.m. -  Tehllama42

#!markdown There are always design and budget limitations, but the big players are constantly trying to make something that will work well for 80% of riders, get it to work with minimal setup and required knowledge, and be future-proof enough that design evolution doesn't leave that product behind before it even his shelves. Custom tuning has a lot of advantages, especially 1:1, that makes it work better (at typically less expenditure) for anybody outside of the 1.5 standard deviations of average riders. It's not that one set of engineering minds is better, just that big firms do best putting their considerable resources at making the product that works well for the most possible buyers, while smaller ones can be agile and provide a lot of value and performance with far less in the way of capital resources… but it isn't necessarily scalable

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