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Sept. 8, 2016, 4:59 p.m. -  Nat Brown

#!markdown Hey sorry if my critique was insensitive. I didn't intend it as a personal attack, for what that's worth, just as an assessment of the approach. I see all of the variables you mentioned as being insignificant, but do see the "apples to apples" aspect as being important. I am still interested in the details of narrow-wide chain retention here though, and if you want to ignore my questions here I'll get the message, I promise. These other rings that you're wearing out faster; are they showing visible signs of wear on the sides of teeth, in excess of what you're seeing with the Renthal? Are these other rings allowing the chain to derail frequently enough that you'd say their retention function is pooched, but the Renthal is hanging in there? Is it a general wear issue with the faces of the teeth that engage the chain for drive becoming worn at different rates between other rings and the Renthal? Sorry if I'm being generally obtuse or lacking in reading comprehension here.

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