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Sept. 11, 2016, 4:15 a.m. -  WannaBeMD

#!markdown Depends what you're using the drug for. Acetaminophen will only damage your liver if you take a very large dose (for example 8 tablets at once, unfortunately it's a common and very painful method of suicide) or if taken with alcohol as there's an alternative metabolism pathway it engages that will toast your liver. It's actually a pretty good drug if used correctly and would probably be my pick out of the over-the-counter pain drugs. Ibuprofen is better if you're dealing with muscle tears and stuff because it's an anti-inflammatory and so treats the source of the pain rather than just blocking it (but don't take it for more than a few days as it'll delay your recovery and potentially give you peptic ulcer disease). The bleeding risk is a thing though in severe injuries so be careful with that one. Aspirin should probably be avoided for trauma scenarios like bike crashes because it's an anti-platelet agent aka it stops the stuff that prevents you from bleeding to death in an injury. Antihistamine is a very good idea. Might just add that one to my trail kit… Moral of the story? Follow the label, and if you've crashed hard enough to need pain killers you probably need a trip to ER

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