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Sept. 14, 2016, 9:41 a.m. -  Geof Harries

#!markdown As you get older, you begin to realize your bike doesn't have to be ridden in the same way as you rode it 10-15 years ago. You maybe don't need to hit that table at such a pace. Perhaps that sky-high skinny with impaling consequences is not the best idea anymore. I continue to ride hard trails, but I ride them differently than I used to. I'd rather go a little slower, be a little more cautious and make wiser choices so that I can keep riding for the long term, rather than attempt to satisfy my ego and make a decision I'll regret. This approach doesn't work all the time - I still fall and get hurt - but it definitely increases the number of times I can get out. Fun is still fun, but you can change the its definition. Oh, and hold onto that girlfriend of yours. She clearly cares about you and that's what really matters.

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