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Sept. 16, 2016, 9:28 a.m. -  David Marshall

#!markdown Trying to get parts warrantied really grinds my gears. I bought a new complete bike this year and after 5 months, with maybe 30 hours max on it, the fork blew a fork seal because the internal cartridge leaked. I brought it to my local bike shop to get warrantied because, its a new fork, and they told me the "suspension" company will be sending parts out of good will but will not cover labor because I should have serviced my fork earlier. This is unacceptable and is the biggest thing that bothers me about the bike industry. The companies and bike shops always try to say it's the riders fault and they try to fight every warranty claim. I understand that a 2 year old fork might fail and not be covered. But after 5 months, a fork shouldn't fail and it should be considered a defect. They try and play games and say, well you hosed your bike off with water, you rode in the mud, you rode too hard…etc. Werent these bikes designed for extreme conditions? I understand this is a hard call to make for both the bike shop and manufacturer but I have never had good luck getting things warrantied and it's always a fight.

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