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Sept. 15, 2016, 9:10 a.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown That didn't answer my question, but fair enough. In the categories CB has produced flawed products in (wheels - although theirs were particularly egregious - pedals, dropper posts) there has been lots of crap put out by lots of brands over the years. Crankbrothers deserves their reputation but there a lot of brands who've produced some epic level sh*t and gotten a free pass (dropper posts is a prime example hence my question). I don't love their pedals (for example) as I like adjustable tension but I like competition in the market and I've had Shimano pedals blow up too. Anyways, I definitely don't pretend to tell people how to spend their money and I fully understand your point of view as there are brands that will never get another dime from me (and whose products I won't test). I took a lot of heat from my riding friends over the Highline but I've always appreciated that CB has tried to make innovative stuff (instead of just branding the same stuff as everyone else) and my dropper experiences are such that I can't name a brand, other than GD, that hasn't had a high rate of issues (Thomson, SRAM, X-Fusion, etc). Hopefully you similarly won't hold it against me that I've had a genuinely, generally, positive experience with the Highline and have no other motivation than reporting that (warts and all). Happy Trails!

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