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Sept. 15, 2016, 7:46 p.m. -  crankbrothers

#!markdown @disqus_jdwfC52MtA:disqus Thankfully, things change. There's been a lot of change at Crankbrothers over the past 2 years; new CEO, management, engineering team, development facility, testing protocols, QC, etc. The first outputs from this new team are the 2016 pedal range with significantly improved quality and reliability, and the Highline dropper post. The Highline was engineered from the ground up over the course of 30 months, and has zero in common with any of the previous models. The whole point of the test is to prove or disprove our quality and reliability claims in the real world, and as you mentioned, Andrew isn't holding anything back. We're looking forward to the next update, and if the post continues to perform as it has, we hope you will reconsider CB products in the future.

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