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Sept. 16, 2016, 10:14 a.m. -  qduffy

#!markdown Amen. I break my Ford, I go to Ford. I break my bike, I'm on the emails with the LBS, the part supplier, the local warranty repair location, the bike manufacturer. One of them has always stepped up, but it's a bit of work. And it only gets harder because then you have to get on the internet and seek some solace through commiserating about my fate and exchanging shared experiences with other affected riders, getting subtle and frequently passive aggressive digs in at the manufacturer while trying to maintain their anonymity so you're not bombarded by all those 'I heard that bike is crap, 'cos my buddy broke his too' comments that make you feel like an idiot for your multi-thousand dollar purchase. Case in point; I recently spent over $500 on a warranty replacement for my bike's rear end because the manufacturer had no 142 rear ends left. Yay! [<-sarcasm] New boost rear end! Which necessitated a new hub, and a wheel rebuild on a pretty darn new set of Nobls. BTW, I now have a really nice 142 DT350 XD hub for sale - comes with 36t ratchet!! đŸ™‚ I didn't care about standards or boost or any of that crap until it cost me. And that's a thing I hate.

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