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Sept. 18, 2016, 7:01 p.m. -  Andy Eunson

#!markdown One thing I temper my judgement (hate) is that I know a number of people in the industry and they were or are all bike riders. Most of them still have the same fire that we have for riding. They might be marketing to us to get us to buy their bikes, their cranks, their freemastrats but I do think bike companies do love the sport and truly want to make it better. I have the perspective of a man who has ridden off road for over 30 years. I rode with the guys that started Kona, Rocky Mountain, Syncros and others. They hated crap parts as much as we do. I don't like how it seems at times that we get fed stuff manufacturers think we want, like 15 mm axles. 20 by 110 was there already and now boost is 110. To me 15 mm while better than a qr was just a thing to differentiate it from DH. Or the part that is 40% stiffer than the one I presently have that I cannot detect any flex in. Or Marzocchi selling me forks because tits. I am not that stupid nor are most of us.

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