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Oct. 4, 2016, 3:40 p.m. -  Nat Brown

#!markdown I don't see the significance of this ambassador Vs professional issue. I've read the original NSMB article, the longer blog post from Amanda, as well as some of her other writing on it. Is it because I 'only' ride bikes and my living doesn't depend on them that I don't get it? Because I don't have much at stake? I'm not saying I don't feel a degree of compassion for someone who has talent and worked hard to put themselves in a position where they would have been a shoe in to be pro 5 years ago, but the goal posts have moved and now a different kind of person gets that chance. I can see the personal disappointment in that, but from a larger social perspective I don't think it rates even a slight blip. Is it something else? Are existing pros not getting paid enough, and is that because other people are leeching the funds? (That's a broader problem.) Is the industry in peril because this issue is rendering their marketing ineffective, perhaps most particularly in the longer term? Why should I care about that? I'm not being rhetorical here, I'd really like to understand the perspective.

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