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Oct. 4, 2016, 10:31 p.m. -  49%

#!markdown I don't know man, I'd argue that very talented locals, possibly like Cat 1 above, may have even more influence on us than the pros. These guys/gals are among us, they're the fast ones at our local races and we are exposed to them in real life. They're the ones that beat us by a long mile after we gave it our all. They are our gods. And all of us look longingly at the gear they're on. (We know it's not proprietary tweaked prototype pro stuff too- it's the same gear available to us). Now float those muffin top club riders a small discount on said gear and watch them vacuum it all up… I remember my buddy and I watching Wade ride a gnarly trail in person, and then taking his bike for a quick spin after a little chit chat. My buddy and I then bought 4 high end Rocky Mountains between us. Now that is influence.

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