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Oct. 5, 2016, 12:58 a.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown Overweight compared to what? No dropper posts are particularly lightweight and yes this is a bit heavier than many. The 32x needle bearings and interface vs. two brass keyway bushings is going to account for a lot of the difference. If it can deliver easy maintenance and slop-free performance it will be worth the weight penalty for a lot of riders. 120mm / 125mm travel seems to be the starting point for new dropper posts: Crank Brothers, Shimano, X-Fusion, RST, etc. Run before you walk. My guess is that all these companies are working on longer options as there is a vocal amount of demand for posts delivering 150mm, 170mm, 200mm, etc. My guess that the very vocal minority aside the bulk of riders looking for a dropper post are still well served by something in the 125mm range. Why aren't the cartridges rebuildable? Likely its to do with cost and trying to keep the costs down for competitive initial pricing. Some are more completely serviceable (Thomson, Fox) but have to be shipped out to be done. Some are fully rebuildable at a dealer (or at home if you have the stills) but the rebuild costs are very expensive (Reverb). A full rebuildable cartridge may add to the initial purchase price to the extent that the product wouldn't be sellable. In the case of the RST, I will hopefully have the opportunity to get one apart soon to better talk about the guts. Thanks for reading,

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