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Feb. 9, 2017, 8:13 a.m. -  Wacek Keepshack

#!markdown I find it hard to trust him, to be perfectly honest that suspension action got better by just mounting uppers with less offset. How come? If we focus solely on suspension action can get better if you adjust the head angle accordingly to the speed you ride, as the angle of most forces coming at the bike should match the head angle as closely as possible. Then the shorter the offset of the wheel axle to the plane of sliders, the smoother it will be, since the fork would work best if the axle was in line with sliders - That would mean some humongous CSU assembly. He got the fork serviced and setup properly, that's my guess… manufacturers increase offset because it allows for relatively good handling at a wider range of speeds. If you do it just with head angle with smaller offsets you have to be more precise whether you are bombing down Garbanzo or climbing a tight singletrack. Can't have both when you can't climb well. And most people can't since they are told to spin 90RPM out of the saddle at all times because some science.

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