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Oct. 7, 2016, 2:32 p.m. -  Tehllama42

#!markdown I think the real use case is for the kind of ride where one climbs for a couple of hours to earn their turns, especially if it involves climbing technical singletrack, and then gets to go gravity mode for a while. For a mixed shuttle/uplift and pedally cross-country route (thinking of something like the Saalbach big 5) then the removable chin-bar is a must-have item - so there are definitely uses for them, but to really become a dominant all- mountain type helmet it needs to be quick to don/doff, protective enough to be worth the hassle, and mostly breathe well enough to be good to climb. I wasn't that impressed with the breathability of the 2R, I'd rather run removable padding everywhere on a full face.

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