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Feb. 11, 2017, 6:43 p.m. -  Tehllama42

#!markdown I don't have as many concerns about those brakes - I've ran those, and being a tubby untalented 240lb rider at the time riding in wide open high speed trails, they weren't awful. The resin pads do feel a bit more grabby, but considering what else is in that price range, it's a concession I'd make to get better rims and tires out of the box. Considering that the market they're after is riders who would otherwise be on $800 hardtails or $1200 FS buckets, it's actually a brilliant bike. What I'm interested in is if there is a realistic opportunity of getting it kitted with line Deore brakes and rotors, lock-on grips, and speccing it with a KS eTen-i - because that would be a $1649USD bike, and have EVERYTHING an aspiring rider on a budget could need. [unsure what that comes out to with the latest Greenbacks-to-Moosenopoly conversions]. They could probably also do an up-rated one - SLX drivetrain/brakes, run upspec Trace Fork and HiLo dropper… No reason they couldn't make that with some other minor cockpit/cosmetic upgrades and also monkey-stomp the $2500 USD market with that bike.

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