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March 21, 2013, 9:42 p.m. -  syngltrkmnd

#!markdown That was a nice stroll down Memory Lane, NSMB! Nice touch on the sepia-tinted pics. That uphill skinny pic - was that on the NSMB Board header, or maybe a Rocky catalog for a long time? I recall it fondly. Old Roach jackets and RF cranks, RM6s and -7s… good memories. I remember when the first Slayer came out and there were pics of Wade doing drops on it. That bike sold like mad at the shop where I worked - I got one to replace a broken Pipeline - and man did people ever try to ride it like Wade did. It was a 5″ travel bike with a bit of a stubby wheelbase and bitty little bolts in the shock mounts. Those bikes took quite a beating from our customers.

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