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May 28, 2013, 5:55 p.m. -  Tobius

#!markdown It IS a Thumper or better yet it's a Caribou frame. Caribou is a manufacturing facility in Taichung. They've been making catalogue bikes for years. Look at the Caribou Ibex. It's an older version of this bike. It's truly an outdated design. Look at how long those seat stays are, YIKES!! These designs are either heavy or noodly but always OLD. I wonder what the intended price point is for an XT/X9 build and what's the incentive to buy THIS catalogue bike vs any other bike out there? Surely NOT just because it's a Cove OR the out of date Easton RAD tubes they have kickin' around. There's got to be more than that. Seems like a big step backwards for a company that used to be up front.

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