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May 28, 2013, 9:53 p.m. -  awesterner

#!markdown Yikes! Long seat stays! Must be a noodle! All kidding aside, I grabbed a hold of the seat stays on my Satori and yanked back and forth. Couldn't really notice any movement. About the same as my DW Mojo HD. So does that mean it's stiff? I dunno, but that design allows for some really short chain stays (430mm) for a 29er. How about the Altitudeā€¦no comments on the long seat stays there. Is it a noodle? Not likely. The Rocky guys in that last video seem to get on well on it. So this Cove is outdated? That depends on one's interpretation of outdated. For the Satori, the geo is pretty progressive actually. I personally think a frame like a Nikolai is dated looking (but cool), but there are a lot of dudes that would take a Johnson up the Wazoo to have one. Same for a Classic Chromag.

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