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June 19, 2013, 4:27 a.m. -  critch

#!markdown Also running the Wolf Tooth 30t ring with a 11-36 cassette on my SC Nomad and Chromag Stylus . No problems at all with dropping chains [so far], the noise of the chain guide is gone, saved 1lb in unnecessary weight and the handlebar clutter is gone. Here in Alberta the climbs are steep and relentless so I decided to keep the 24t granny ring on as a bailout gear…i could always manually move it if necessary. So far i have had to do this twice and works flawlessly. Generally when the climbing gets tough i need to take a quick breather anyways so its easy to manually move the chain from 30t to 24t. So far i am definitely not missing the front derailleur but still benefiting from a granny gear when necessary, thanks to wide/narrow chain ring teeth!

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