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July 9, 2013, 1:55 p.m. -  Orb

#!markdown Though the review was accurate in general although have slight different take on few things. Bottom line, bike will climb well and is comfortable anything the bike park can throw at it. The limitations for me were the fox fork get sketchy at higher speeds with increasing bump size but still manageable. If the fork has a more progression it would keep up to the rear suspension in ride quality and bump absorption. The fork and the marginal braking power of the X0 trails are defiantly the weak points at the bike park. Specialized did exchange my command post promptly to 125 mm post since I to had a 100 mm post. Good customer service experience for me. I found it odd that reviewer set the bike up with so little sag on the rear. Regardless of 2 or 4 wheel variety of devices this has one clear effect and results in very skittish unpredictable type of handling through rougher sections. The flip side is jumping and big hit landings would be improved….endless trade offs when setting up suspension. If you heading to the bike park less than 8 time a year and want to ride anything else out there then this bike is great pick for all rounder.

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