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Oct. 9, 2013, 2:36 a.m. -  builttoride

#!markdown John b: I was just choosing to keep this article purely to wheel size, but you are correct that there are soo many other things to consider, and that wheels are just a small part of things. Since this article seems to have gone down pretty well (I wasn't sure anyone would actually read it), I may go on and write many more than look at all dfferent aspects of riding physics to put things in perspective. Kevin: Actually the 'flickability' most the time has a lot more to do with gyroscopic affect than static weight if turning wheels or whiping bike out etc are considered. <> this segment of a lecture shows how the front wheel being turned helps you do big moto whips. Since gyroscopic factors are governed by both moment of inertia, and rotational speed, static mass will become a smaller factor the faster you are traveling unless it is a purely vertical 'flick' lke a bunny hop. gwh: you are right… go for it and let us know what you calculate!

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