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Jan. 22, 2014, 7:56 p.m. -  megrim

#!markdown When I first saw the article for the OneUp, I ordered one right away, but not really knowing which bike I would put it on (Carbine or Podium). Both bikes are built to pedal (sort of) and descend. When it showed up, I ended up putting it on the Podium. Wow, this was really easy to install. I had a Zee short cage derailleur already on the Podium, so I decided to give it a go (not recommended by OneUp). I dialled the B-tension screw all the way in and added 2 pairs of links to the chain. The shifting was perfect for gears 1 through 7, but the chain seemed to get caught on the derailleur on the odd shift between 7 and 8. Also, probably due to the B-tension addition, shifting from 7 to 8 would end up going 7 to 9, then back to 8. Because of this issue (and I rarely get to 8th or 9th on the shore), I pulled the cassette apart. I put the 17t ring back and removed the 15t. It ends up being a very big jump, but I've got a great gear range 1 through 8. I've taking the bike for a couple rides now and I am blown away how seamlessly it shifts. This 42t cog was definitely welcome on those long grinds (the Old Buck) and a few techy uphill sections. Overall, I would really recommend this 42t cog. Mike

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