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Jan. 29, 2014, 1:36 p.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown I also found the Chute too warm for most riding, even with the zips open. I am running a (similarly priced to the Chute) Gore jacket that is much better, but still only bearable in torrential conditions… otherwise I just get wet in wool. I was going to ask you how much better the Arcteryx SL is compared to the Chute, and Gore offerings you have tried, but -- while I love nice things -- the thought of crashing my bike in a $750, super-super light Gore material, jacket gives me heart palpitations. I really don't think it is reasonable to compare a good jacket that is relatively affordable for the majority of riders as a go-to piece (Chute) to Arcteryx's absolutely #1 top-end product! -D -D

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