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Jan. 29, 2014, 6:48 p.m. -  Oldfart

#!markdown I used one last winter. Great cut and features. I don't care for a hood and collar especially if the hood is not detachable. But the fabric is poor. The DWR wore away really quickly and started to pill too. Then the waist cord detached and became useless. It was repaired at no charge though. Here's what off road riders need. Good fabric. Big cuffs that will take in air when your climbing slowly but cinch down. No inner cuffs. Wasted material that just adds complexity where none is needed. Pit zips or better front vents. Zipped outer chest pocket for keys, phone etc. and you know those are pockets? Don't. Just don't put them on a jacket as they are useless. You need two hands to operate the ones I have on jackets. Or at least in one direction and who wants a set of keys on your shoulder or wrist to bump on trees or the ground. Cord pulls need to be internal so you don't snag the loop on a bush or tree.

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